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The “You’re On TV” project is an ongoing art installation begun by artists Kyle Erickson and Zane White in 2013 that focuses on themes of the mass media age. This premise became manifested in an ongoing installation that evolved organically through a process of themed exhibitions focusing on different aspects of mass media and television. The project has become an ongoing dialogue exposing the fabricated cultural landscape generated by television and the problematic social convention of spending more time vicariously experiencing people, places, and events through this projected duplicity.

Zane White is a multimedia artist living in Albuquerque, NM. His current body of work explores the connection between mining and development, and the landscape and ecosystems of New Mexico’s environment. This work revolves around two larger themes. One being the idea of limbo, or the edge between two worlds, and the other coming from the Latin phrase “Ubi Sunt”, meaning “Where are they now”, a common motif used in storytelling as a meditation on mortality and the transitory nature of life. The work is aiming to evoke broken nostalgia, through a meditation on the consequences of believing in the paradigm of inevitable progress (development), and alludes to the hubris involved in perpetuating the false promises of this ideal.

Kyle Erickson studied art throughout grade and high school, he then attended the Art Institute of Colorado where he studied in Graphic Design for two years. After experimenting with many mediums, he stumbled into the world of glass mosaic while working for Erin Adams Design INC, a high end glass tile company. Piecing together his past experiences with the new found love of stained glass mosaic, he assembles brilliant and eye catching mosaics that draw the viewer in. Using found objects in conjunction with glass he illustrates beauty and symbolism in the natural world while simultaneously expressing abstract ideas. His use of colors and shape intermingle and move about creating the illusion of structure and life.

Alexander Rudd: I Believe the collective Art world has the power to fully digest and express the true nature of our environments. Artists filter these landscapes of information into their own symbolic language. I have decided that the current environmental crisis stands behind all worldly issues. It is the most important source of inspiration, and the platform on which my work to transpire.

The visual language I have created symbolizes the manmade decay of our plant consists of crystal like structures, and collaged pop references. By creating forms that hint towards a natural emergence, I also create surfaces to embellish with consumerist imagery. I hope by creating these works, I also create an experience that leaves my audience pondering the absurdity of Mother Earth’s livelihood.

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