I appreciate your interest in my work very much. You are welcome to use any images on my website for your personal use- meaning you can save a copy on your desktop for personal enjoyment on any of your media devices free of charge. The file size is limited.

If you like my work enough to want it tattooed on your body, you are welcome to do so provided you follow two conditions. 1. You MUST find an artist capable of representing my work correctly. Use a professional(preferably one known for their skill at doing full color scenes) do not use an amateur or someone in training. 2. You must send me an email with a picture of the finished work. You may also contact me for higher quality photos for this project.

If you would like to purchase a full resolution image of my work please contact me for now. I will have downloadable images in my shop soon. If you would like to license it for a project of your own please contact me with the details of your intended use. Without my written consent, you are not welcome to use any of my images for commercial or other business projects.

You are not allowed to:

•  Reproduce any of my images for sale or advertising without my explicit written permission

•  Use any of my images for advertising (NO EXCEPTIONS)

•  Forge my signature, reproduce, or sell images downloaded for free or through purchase. If you purchase an image download you are welcome to reproduce it to your hearts content for personal use only. Any reproduction for monetary gain is strictly prohibited.

     Intellectual Property Copyright- Reproduction of my material for any reason is strictly prohibited. If you are a student of any level you are welcome to practice a painting of any of my works, but please don’t steal my content or ideas and use it as your original material. If you come up with your own I guarantee you will be more satisfied.

Great art does not usually come from a hobbyist. Artists work hard on their creations. We spend many hours in the studio working. The enjoyment of art should be free, but the work is not. If you like the art, please support the artist by purchasing the work or donating to their cause.

The best way to enjoy my work is by coming to a show. Art shows are free and you can buy prints and originals at any of my exhibits. Please enter your email and name below to be added to my list of contacts for shows, sales, and events.

Thank you! Have a great day!

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