Mind At Rest
Medicine wheel No.4: Celestial Axis
“Medicine wheel #4: Celestial Axis” oil on wood panel 3.5’x2′ ft 2012Newer addition to the medicine wheel series. Depicts the 7 layers of the universe and combines it with the concept of the medicine wheel. In each quadrant the solstice or equinox star chart is place depicting the changing seasons, the cycles of the heavens, and the spiritual center within it all. The 7 layers mesh with a radial web marking the moons path during these events, and creating a weblike structure that connects everything.
Medicine Wheel No. 3: Wilderness Fading
Medicine Wheel No. 3 oil on canvas 2011
And Here is a Bean
And Here is a Bean oil on canvas 2010
Medicine Wheel No. 2
Medicine Wheel No. 2- oil on canvas 4’x4′ 2009This piece uses imagery from medicine wheel teachings found throughout the world. I combined imagery from a celtic medicine wheel with the techniques and aesthetics found in the work of Reinhardt and Rothko. The work uses many layers of thin paint and glaze to create a feeling of depth within a flat surface.
Jemez Fire
Jemez Fire oil on canvas 2010
Immovable Amidst Chaos
Immovable Amidst Chaos oil on canvas 2010
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