Water Carier and Catharsis: Wintertime Suite
“Water Carier and Catharsis: Wintertime Suite” Oil on Canvas 2015 6ft x 4 ft.This is the third of the new Gaia Series. It is inspired by Zion Canyon in Utah along with many other sources that are indiginous to the canyonlands area of the southwest. This work focuses on female energy and form. It can bee seen as inspired by or in response to the great Diego Velasquez painting “The Water Carier of Seville” which features a male subject getting ready to pour a ceramic jug. I have always been fascinated, both as a potter and a painter, by this work so it is no suprise that it found its way into my work. There is a little more work to complete on this painting once spring comes around. Be...
Formations That Follow Me Home
“Formations That Follow Me Home” Oil on Canvas 2013.  3 x 4 ftThe second piece in the new evolution of the Gaia series. In this work my primary focus was capturing the sublime of a landscape formation that I am extremely fond of. The inspiration comes from the ochre and wheat yellow of high desert mesas against the cool blue basin and range mountain formations that seem to have almost no atmospheric perspective. This color combination within the landscape has continually captured my fascination. The concept is basedon spiritual healing coming directly and indirectly from the landscape. The sage smudge being the focal point. This idea is accompanied by subtle revolutionary overto...
San Pedro Under Blue Sky
“San Pedro Under Blue Sky” Oil on panel 2012 2×3.5ftFirst of a new series exploring connections between local traditions, agriculture, land conservation, art, and medicine. Heavily influenced by mexican mural art as well as other latin american art made during popular uprisings in the last century.This work creates a visual narrative that links the practice of local agriculture, plant medicine, music and art with the inspiration from the surrounding landscape. The images uses the landscape as a backdrop for iconic representations arranged into a composite image that reflects the cycle of creation and expression. The cycle reveals positive perspectives that inspire ideas for the future.T...
Eternal Presence In The Womb Of Ritual
“Eternal Presence In the Womb of Ritual” Oil on panel 2011After my thesis show i began to explore removing the voyeur experience of my previous work. I began to focus on bringing the experience to the viewer by completely removing all human subjects from the scene. This allows for the viewer to be the soul participant in the experience being depicted and impels the viewer to have their own spiritual encounter. Possibly even an intersection with the infinite universe.This work depicts a cave on the water. The viewer is having an encounter with the infinite spirit world. Past Inhabitants of this ancient dwelling, now flooded from the prospects of boat recreation, guide the viewer to a mome...
A Vision Of Ancestors: Long Dead The Spirits Of Massacre Rise in The Age Of Aquarius
“A Vision of Ancestors: Long Dead, The Spirits Rise in The Age Of Aquarius” oil on wood panel 2011.In an abandoned pueblo ruin burned by spanish conquistadors, the viewer has an encounter with the spirits that still inhabit this place. At the dawn of a new age, Aquarius, the ancestors share the wisdom of the universe through a cosmic revelation showing the earths path within the stars. A warning of events to come, or a reminder of the beauty in a rebirth of consciousness?
Revolución de la Tierra
“Revolución de la Tierra” oil on canvas 2011A still life inspired by localized organic agriculture, pottery, and education. Kind of a Maquette for future paintings in this style. The blue corn is a native strain of corn currently grown by native communities and peers of mine in New Mexico. Pottery flask made by a good friend.
The Vast Expanse
The Vast Expanse” Oil on wood 2’x4′ 2009.This painting was the first of the Gaia series. It depicts a navajo sand painting ceremony in which the subjects are dissolving into the landscape. Are they humans? Ancestors? Ghosts? This is unknown. The ceremony they perform opens up a portal into another universe? Another Perspective? Or is it insight into the inter workings to our universe? The power of the event causes thunderstorms in the distance and focuses the observer on the beauty of the desert canyon.
The Dreamer
The Dreamer” Oil on wood panel 2010Entheogenic substances inspire a ceremony of reciprocity. The Dreamer emulates the forms found in the canyon below and creates a portal through which he becomes the earth in the landscape. In an eternal moment he transcends the physical for infinite realization.
I Sit In Harmony As The Lotus Before the Flame
“I sit In Perfect Harmony As The Lotus Before The Flame” Oil on canvas 2010In a deep meditation, the spirit becomes eternal. As the monastery decays the monk remains unweathered. The body melts away with the wax from the flame and the heart is centered with the lotus. With the body and heart calmed and at bay the spirit becomes aligned with the axis of the infinite universe.
Transcendence: A Vessel
Transcendence: A Vessel5×5 ft oil on canvas 2010In the ritual of creativity the seasoned potter experiences a revelation. In the meditation the revolutions become orbits in the circle of life. rhythm becomes transcendence and the potter becomes the vessel. Synchronized in motion the manifestation of meditation is a reality.
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