Cerro Strata
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Installation at summerfest 2014

Cerro Strata: Bare
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The Monolith to Elmo
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During the Summer of the first Cerro Project tests, Jorge and I invited another artist Allen Colmenares to an install. Here is what we made that day.

temporal work with found objects from site specific place. The dome was roughly 12-14 ft high and 8- 10 ft in diameter. Found Elmo stuffed toy, gold spray paint

Cerro Strata
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A good friend of mine who happens to be an artist and myself  have been selected to create a temporary installation at this years upcoming Albuquerque Summerfest . We will be installing a large sculptural project at two locations within the city at separate times. The first will be in Nob Hill on July 19th and the second will be on August 23rd at the Westside Summerfest off of Elison drive.

This project is inspired by the wasteland areas of Meadow Lake, close to Los Lunas, NM, where we grew up, that contain many examples of illegal junk dumping of objects from automobiles to furniture and appliances. Needless to say, there is quite a resource of old tires illegally rotting away in areas that could otherwise be classified as beautiful open land. Though our previous projects involved the dynamic of a site specific installation in the areas where we find our materials, we are exploring bringing this work into the city for display during Summerfest of 2014. By doing this we hope to bring awareness to this issue and inspire others to use these resources for constructive purposes.

The sculpture is composed of 67 tires arranged in concentric circles that will become smaller as the structure rises. This sculpture is composed of 8 levels that will be painted specific colors to reference compositions found in the landscape of New Mexico. The result features 8 bands of colors. These colors reference the colors found in the land and the sunsets of New Mexico. The color scheme is also meant to represent the idea that this location (New Mexico) is a “kaleidoscope of color” that inspires creative activity and attracts artists from all over the globe. These colors also illustrate the oftentimes surprising subtle and complex color schemes found in this high desert climate that is stereotypically thought of as a baron, dull and uninteresting.

We began a kickstarter to raise funds for this projects presentation. If you know anyone who would be willing to make a donation of support to this project please direct them to this link or click the K on the video above. A pledge can be as little as a dollar and there are generous awards offered including part of the insallation itself.

You may also find it on kickstarter by searching Cerro Strata


Cerro Vista #2
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Size: foreground about 6ft tall- background about 8 ft t

temporal work with found objects from site specific place. The next two images are documentation of a collaboration project with an artist friend, Jorge De la Torre, that i grew up with. Exploration into the use of urban inspired art in impoverished rural wastelands. The space is a common illegal dumping ground for the county where we grew up containing objects from washing machines and couches, to childrens toys and full sized motor boats. Kind of a quazi street art- temporal art- recycled art painting concept.