I Went So Willingly
“I Went So Willingly”  Graphite on paper 11 x 14 in. with some gauche (study for larger painting)
The Answer Is Blowin In the Wind
“The Answer Is Blowin In the Wind” graphite on paper 11 x 14 (study for large painting in progress)
Home On The Range
Full Size Image“Home On The Range” 2 x 3 ft oil on anel 2015 UN Conscious traumaMy DNA on fire, in wrest, and restless is my spiritLike a broken branch on the CottonwoodWe reach to the water to healAwake, anxiousI leap from my headTo discover the flesh worn from toilAnother spine bent back too farInnocence a term of abstract, the remains a mealOf a memory born too far to graspI am reborn in the morning only to forget by the fall of light I sat with Trudell to have a smoke:Electric BabylonFadingWarpingDistracting through form when all is formlessPetty idolsHollow as the void of its creationLoveless is the disposition of its makersThis is no way to liveHere is no place to healThe virus is the worm and the worm an empty promiseStagnant, dwelling in perpetual manipulationunable to find the wings only butterflies can bringA perfect parasiteFeeds on the woundPulling back the bark, stripped and teasedAnd made to pleaseAll progress measured in consumptionNumbers with no relationsLetters with no meaningWords with no correspondenceThe structure, a tower to sustain a modelBuilt atop corrupt intentionsDressed as the emperorAnd sold as the godhead, so being is a sacrament When every sacrifice is only to deepen the voidConvince the heart of its separationThe toil is for wasteThe heart of love a forgotten tasteA wool spun from illusions of empty creationIs the fashion of your only modern day choice Another drag, and a kiss from a pipe, the wise man continues:Forgetting that remembe...
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